RoboBoat 2022

RoboBoat 2022

Ahoy explorers! Are you keen on taking an experimental learning approach to maritime autonomy? Let us introduce you to RoboBoat. 

RoboBoat is an international competition that invites participants to tackle simplified versions of challenges facing the modern maritime industry. These challenges may include coastal surveillance, port security, oceanographic exploration, and cooperative behavior between systems operating in different domains (air and sea). 

Ready your sea legs and set sail on this systems engineering journey where you will have the opportunity to design, build and test an Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV). Once your masterpiece is complete, put it to the test at RoboBoat and see the uniqueness of your system compared to that of your competitors from around the world.

Are you ready to take on the 15th RoboBoat competition?

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RoboBoat 2022

  • Dates

    June 20-26, 2022

  • Location

    Florida, USA

  • Eligibility

    High School, College

  • Vehicle

    Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV)

  • Registration

    Registration opens in January 2022. In the meantime, complete the Intent to Compete form to secure your spot!

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