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Propelling Maritime Technology forward one robotic regatta at a time.


The Competition

Maritime. Surface Vehicle. Navigation.  

The competition begins when you assemble your first-rate firstmates. You and your team will design, build and test your boat — which we robotically refer to as an Autonomous Surface Vessel or ASV.

Up until the competition deadline you’ll engineer, build and fine-tune your model-scale ASV to autonomously navigate a course that would test the limits of a full-scale ASV. 

No surprise here, the team that gets the most points wins. But bragging rights and prize money aside, along the way you’ll be bonding with your teammates, striking up friendly rivalries and joining a community that is just as ASV-obsessed as you are. 

So read the rules, join the conversation, and set sail for your future.

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.


“We love the opportunity to sponsor RoboNation. One of our main objectives attending RobotX and RoboSub was to recruit. These are the exact type of students that we want to come to work at Blue Origin – for internships or full time jobs.”

Heather Nelson
Heather Nelson
Blue Origin

2019 RoboBoat Team

“Interaction between the teams was fantastic. People were so nice and helpful.”

Marshall Sowell
Marshall Sowell
Florida State University / Gulf Coast State College


“As a RoboNation IARC participant in college, I learned many of the things that later allowed me to create Blue Robotics, one of the sponsors and suppliers for the RoboSub, RoboBoat, and Maritime RobotX Challenges. Practical team experiences like these competitions are critical to learn how to be an engineer or business person in the real world and we’re incredibly proud to support that today.”

Rustom Jehangir
Rustom Jehangir
Blue Robotics

2020 RoboBoat Judge

“I had a great time reviewing these designs and supporting websites and videos. Having never been to RoboBoat it absolutely made me sad that this year’s competition was cancelled and I will have to wait until next year to see these boats in action. There were some fantastic designs that I think would have done amazingly during the competition.”

Michael Alban
Michael Alban
NSWC Carderock, Naval Architect

Find Out More

By land, sea, airspace or cyberspace there’s a place for you in RoboNation. Before we start asking complex questions, let’s start with some simple ones, like your name, email and your field of interest.

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