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About RoboBoat

They may not be big, but these boats will take you places.

What is RoboBoat?

RoboBoat is an international student competition. Teams from around the world design autonomous, robotic boats (or ASVs) to navigate through a challenge course. 

Navigate real-world challenges.

Aside from demonstrating some impressive maritime manueverability, these student-built boats are designed to tackle tasks that mimic real-world challenges facing the maritime industry. These challenges include coastal surveillance, port security and other types of oceanographic operations.

Lifelong friends and international recognition. All in the same boat.

Along the way, students gain real-world exposure by tackling ‘big boat’ challenges seen in the robotics industry. Not to mention they’ll be making friends, competing for prizes and having some high-caliber fun.


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2020 Rules & Task Descriptions

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2019 Rules & Task Descriptions

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2018 Rules & Task Descriptions

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