RoboBoat 2025 | Early March 2025

Mark your calendars for the next RoboBoat in Sarasota, Florida!

Welcome to RoboBoat

Assemble your crew & autonomously navigate through the challenges at RoboBoat.

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What is RoboBoat?

RoboBoat is an international student competition. Teams from around the world design autonomous, robotic boats to navigate through a challenge course. 

Aside from demonstrating some impressive maritime manueverability, these student-built boats are designed to tackle tasks that mimic real-world challenges facing the maritime industry. These challenges include coastal surveillance, port security and other types of oceanographic operations.

The Competition

Build a Boat.

The competition begins by assembling some firstmates. Read the rules carefully and then try out your sea-legs by designing, building and testing your self-driving boat (small scale of course) — which we robotically refer to as an Autonomous Surface Vessel or ASV.

Sail that Boat.

During competition, the ASV shall autonomously navigate itself through a pre-defined course, allowing the student team to showcase their design and engineering skills. Vehicles are evaluated on their maneuverability, propulsion system and payload selection, enabling onboard autonomy.

Win with that Boat.

No surprise here, the team with the most points wins. But bragging rights and prize money aside, along the way students will be bonding with teammates, striking up friendly rivalries and becoming part of a close-knit maritime community. So read the rules, join the conversation, and set sail for the future.

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By land, sea, airspace or cyberspace there’s a place for you in RoboNation. Before we start asking complex questions, let’s start with some simple ones, like your name, email and your field of interest.

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