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“More than eighty percent of our ocean is unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored.” National Ocean Service

so we better get busy. 

In today’s world, we are highly dependent on technology. The solutions to our world’s biggest challenges involve robotics, cybersecurity, networks, sensors and analysis of big data. Technology, however, is not static; it advances in small steps and large leaps across hundreds of individual technologies and academic disciplines.

To continue to advance marine conservation, deliver life-saving measures and map our oceans, we must take the time and care to grow the leaders of tomorrow – together as a community. This requires: 

Students to learn. Partners to teach. Sponsors to support. Volunteers to mentor.

How will you help change the world?

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“We love the opportunity to sponsor RoboNation. One of our main objectives attending RobotX and RoboSub was to recruit. These are the exact type of students that we want to come to work at Blue Origin – for internships or full time jobs.”

Heather Nelson
Heather Nelson
Blue Origin


2019 RoboBoat Team

“Interaction between the teams was fantastic. People were so nice and helpful.”

Marshall Sowell
Marshall Sowell
Florida State University / Gulf Coast State College



“As a RoboNation IARC participant in college, I learned many of the things that later allowed me to create Blue Robotics, one of the sponsors and suppliers for the RoboSub, RoboBoat, and Maritime RobotX Challenges. Practical team experiences like these competitions are critical to learn how to be an engineer or business person in the real world and we’re incredibly proud to support that today.”

Rustom Jehangir
Rustom Jehangir
Blue Robotics

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