RoboBoat 2021

RoboBoat 2021

Ahoy explorers! Are you keen on taking an experimental learning approach to maritime autonomy? Let us introduce you to RoboBoat. 

RoboBoat is an international competition that invites participants to tackle simplified versions of challenges facing the modern maritime industry. These challenges may include coastal surveillance, port security, oceanographic exploration, and cooperative behavior between systems operating in different domains (air and sea). 

Ready your sea legs and set sail on this systems engineering journey where you will have the opportunity to design, build and test an Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV). Once your masterpiece is complete, put it to test at RoboBoat and see the uniqueness of your system compared to that of your competitors from around the world.

Are you ready to take on the 14th RoboBoat competition?

Thanks to the community’s unwavering patience and discussions with competition sponsors and community members over these past few months, we have come to the decision to host RoboBoat 2021 online. Click here to keep reading the announcement.

RoboBoat 2021

  • Dates
    • Registration Deadline: April 30
    • Submission Deadline: May 23
    • Awards Party: Date and time to be announced soon! 
  • Location
    • Online! All submissions are collected in the online registration tool.
  • Eligibility
    • High School, Undergraduate, Graduate
  • Registration
    • Early-Bird Fee: $300 USD
    • Registration Fee: $400 USD
    • Registration now closed.
  • Cancellation Policy


Skills Video(s)
Skills Video(s)
Share your know-how. NEW in 2021!

Submission Format: 1-2 short videos, no longer than 11 minutes each


Overview: Strong communication skills are critical to bringing your project to life. Whether you are presenting in person or through video, you must deliver your ideas in a clear and convincing manner. Project supporters, such as supervisors, sponsors, or advisors must understand your ideas, and be convinced of their potential.


Students are invited to share the maturity of their system developed for RoboBoat 2021 by submitting a series of short technical videos. This visual effort is meant to showcase the team’s approach, decision and challenges while evaluating ability to communicate effectively.



Skills Video Guidelines

Gather your information hub.

Submission Format: Website


Overview: Websites are often the first impression to give potential supporters such as supervisors, sponsors or advisors. Whether you work for a small start-up, a large research lab or mid-sized commercial company, your ideas and projects will need support and the first step is often to make a good impression.



Website Guidelines (Updated on April 21, 2021)

OPTIONAL Demonstration Video
OPTIONAL Demonstration Video
Showcase your vehicle behaviors. NEW and OPTIONAL in 2021!

Submission Format: 1 video, no longer than 20 minutes


Submission Deadline: June 13, 2021


Overview: One of the primary advantages of competing in person is the ability to showcase vehicle behaviors. During the competition, the vehicles autonomously perform the given tasks and are evaluated and scored.


Since teams/schools/countries have different guidelines they must follow during the pandemic, to maintain equitable opportunities for competition while providing a means to showcase vehicle performance, students are invited to submit an optional demonstration video. These videos will highlight behaviors necessary for the competition.



Optional Demonstration Video Guidelines


Make your feedback count and share it on the forum!


Competition Timeline

Monthly Community Calls

Community Hour

Community Hour is a monthly engagement opportunity designed to bring together participants of all three university competition* communities together, to stay informed with the latest updates and to develop an exciting year of robotics. 


Next Call:

May Community Hour

May 15, 12:00pm ET (New York time)

Click here for help finding your local time.


*University Competitions: RoboBoat, RoboSub, RobotX

Sign up for this month’s call is exclusive for official 2021 teams.


Diponegoro University
Diponegoro University
Roboboat Aterkia Undip | UNDIP

Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia



Roboboat Diponegoro University is a place to apply research and development in the robotic field based on the improvement of maritime technology globally with amassing potential collages in Diponegoro University. ATERKIA is a ship designed by Roboboat UNDIP Team. Achievements obtained by our team are 6th place and Best Design of Cost Performance in 4th International Roboboat Competition 2011 and Hull Form Design Award 5th International Roboboat Competition (AUVSI) 2012

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Team Phantom | ERAU

Daytona Beach, Florida, USA



Team Phantom is returning again this year with its Phantom II trimaran ASV. This year’s iteration features an overhauled electrical system and has shifted its software from LabView to ROS. Additionally, an expended aft deck space has been created for easier quadcopter operations. Team Phantom features a core of returning members as well as a number of enthusiastic new members, each anxious for RoboBoat 2021!

Hagerty High School
Hagerty High School
The Water Dogs | HHS

Oviedo, Florida, USA



The Water Dogs strive to expand STEM education in our local community, inspiring people along the way. We proudly participate in a variety of outreach events every year to accomplish this goal, as well as hosting several summer camps to steer young kids into the amazing world of STEM. Our hometown is Oviedo, FL and we are excited for another awesome Roboboat competition.

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
Barunastra ITS Roboboat Team | ITS

Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Barunastra ITS Team focuses on the research of Autonomous Robots Vessels since 2012. Barunastra comes from two words; Varuna/Baruna which, according to Hindu belief, means the God of the sea and Astra meaning a weapon. Thus, Barunastra means the weapon of the sea God. There are 3 main divisions that play an important role in this team, Mechanics, Electro-Programming, and Non-Technical. Our core vision is developing unmanned vessels to foster the world’s maritime technology advancement.

Military Technical College
Military Technical College

Cairo, Egypt


MW in ancient Egyptian language means water. MW is a seasoned undergraduate team, based in Cairo, Egypt, representing the Military Technical College and specialized in building maritime autonomous systems, ASV and ROV. Loaded with thousands of years of ancient Egyptian legacy of ship building. Although 2019 was the first entry for MW, which was full of logistics issues, but got rewarded the rapid prototyping award.

Sebelas Maret University
Sebelas Maret University
Bengawan UV Roboboat Team | BUVUNS

Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia



Bengawan UV Roboboat team is a Sub-team of Bengawan UV Sebelas Maret University which has been established since December 2016. This team aims to advance research in science and technology especially on unmanned surface vehicle in indonesia. This year is the first time for Bengawan UV Team to join Roboboat competition which focuses on Research, Development, and Building Autonomus Vehicle.


Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Website | Facebook | Twitter


UM::Autonomy is an award-winning undergraduate student project team from the University of Michigan. Each year we build an autonomous boat that is completely designed and programmed by students and must complete a wide range of challenges that are designed to test its autonomous abilities. We aim to further the study of autonomous robotics by providing students with hands-on multidisciplinary design experience in artificial intelligence, image processing, navigation, naval architecture, and mechanical design.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Ragin' Cajuns | UL

Lafayette, Louisiana, USA



2021 is the third year that the Ragin’ Cajuns have competed in the RoboBoat contest. The team is hoping to continue the year-over-year improvements and follow last year’s 2nd place overall finish with a victory. This year’s team again comes completely from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and is led by a team of four graduating seniors.

University of West Florida
University of West Florida
UWF RoboBoat Team | UWF

Pensacola, Florida, USA


Close in proximity to the Gulf, our students research and develop a wide range of surface and subsurface unmanned water vehicles. These water vehicles are built by teams of four to six students and autonomously negotiate given path by using sonar, inertial navigation, and GPS. Most water vehicles hulls are usually designed and built also by the students in order to fully maximize the functionality of the boat/submarine.

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